What well dressed cars everywhere are wearing.
With todays vehicle prices rising and paint becoming increasingly delicate due to environmental restrictions, it makes sense to protect your vehicle's painted finish now more than ever. Clearshield Paint Protection Film provides a virtually invisible layer of protection to your cars most vulnerable areas.
Clearshield is the most advanced development in automotive paint-finish protection. Traditional methods of protecting your car's paint, such as bug shields and bras, tend to obscure the paint brilliance that you desire to protect. They can be unsightly and many times damage the finish themselves.
Clearshield is a nearly undetectable protective urethane film that works like an invisible car bra to shield your car from impact from damaging road hazards such as gravel, debris, small stones and insects. Clearshield is computer-cut to your vehicle's make and model to provide a layer of protection on the most chip-prone areas, such as the hood, backs of mirrors and bumper. It requires no drilled holes or special fasteners like many other protection products. It is easy, efficient and most importantly it is nearly invisible to the naked eye.
Protect your vehicle today from unsightly and costly chips, nicks and scratches!   
Clearshield protection can be tailored to fit your preferences, whatever they may be. However, "standard installation" generally refers to the front of your hood and the fenders, and "deluxe installation" will cover forward facing areas of the front bumper and painted mirrors. These areas of your vehicle are subject to different types of unsightly road damage. Steel hoods and fenders will be prone to paint chipping while todays painted plastic bumpers will suffer pitting, gouging and insect stains. Please be sure to express your questions or concerns to our staff so that they can help you choose the best invisible bra application for your needs.
At A-1 Precision Window Tinting we can design and install a custom invisible car bra for your car, truck or SUV. With our extensive inventory of graphics we can manipulate our paint protection film to add subtle ghost flames and splash effects. We have also found Clearshield Paint Protection film applied over lettering and logos on service trucks and vehicles in order to increase the longevity of vinyl letters and graphics.
Clearshield Paint Protection film can generally be installed in one day. Since it is applied to the of your vehicle it is not recommended for mobile or outdoor installation and for best results should be done in a controlled environment by trained technicians. Clearshield is backed by a five year nationwide warranty to ensure lasting performance. Due to extreme variables in aftermarket paint we only recomend installing Clearshield on original factory paint. Your vehicle can be driven shortly after completion of the invisible car bra however several days curing time is required before washing protected areas. After curing normal washing, waxing and maintenance is recomended.
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