Traditionally, window film reduces heat by absorption and reflection. Using the latest in Nano-Technology, our new Ultra-Performance series window tint is a true IR Ceramic that keeps you cooler by working to block the Infra-red rays that make your car hot! The result is high heat stoppage, even with an ultra-light material! The perfect choice for the glass-tinting customer who wants the benefit of tinted windows without the dark look and reduced visibility of other solar control window tints. With our I.R. films you can apply an almost clear film and stop heat comparable to dark tints.The ultra-light film is virtually colorless, preserving the overall factory appearance of your windows. Also available in light, medium and dark, this film is manufactured using the latest advances in window film technology. It has high heat reduction and interior protection qualities, and is truly the Rolls Royce of window tinting films. Stop by our shop in Norco for a free demonstration!
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A-1 Precision Window Tinting
Ultra Performance window film. Fully compatible with the most advanced electronics,
High heat stoppage, UV protection and excellent visibility make this an outstanding
Solar Control window film.
With todays advanced vehicle electronics it is more important than ever to choose a material that is fully compatible with your vehicle. Traditional metalized window films tend to cause signal interference with tire pressure monitors, radio reception, navigation and even newer keyless entry remotes. I.R ceramic technology gives high heat stoppage and protection and is fully compatible with your new vehicle. 
- Rejection of 40% of total solar energy and 99% ultraviolet rays entering your vehicle.
- Interior protection.
- Near colorless available/high visibility day and night.
- Glare reduction.
- Satellite, GPS, TPM and cellular friendly.
- National lifetime warranty.
Ultra Performance IR Window Tinting, the perfect match for a high performance sport sedan like the 2015 Masserrati QuattroPorte
The owner of this Alfa Romeo wanted to keep the factory look and still protect the interior from heat and fading. Our Ultra Performance film in an extra light filled the need with an SPF rating of 285 and more effecient heat stoppage than a traditional dark or "limo" tint.
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