Our High Performance Supreme Series uses the same technology as the regular Supreme Series; however, the window tint features an additional metal content for higher heat stoppage. HP Supreme gives your car a stylish appearance and at the same time blocks up to 58% of total solar energy and more than 99% of ultraviolet light.
Metalized window film is not recommended for vehicles with glass-mounted antennas, gps navigation or tire pressure monitoring systems, but it offers outstanding solar performance, low reflection and unprecedented film clarity. Industry leading color stability and a nationwide lifetime warranty that even covers color change and fade make this solar film and exellent choice for many glass tinting needs.
- Rejection of 58% of total solar energy and 99% ultraviolet rays entering your vehicle.
- Upholstery protection.
- High quality film clarity and color stability.
- Glare reduction.
- Not recommended for vehicles with glass-mounted antennas, gps navigation or tire pressure monitoring systems.
- National lifetime warranty.
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A-1 Precision Window Tinting
Pic of a Volkswagon Jetta with High Performance Supreme series Solar Control window film.
This vehicle also has our clear paint protection film installed on the front bumper and hood.
Pic of a 2008 Pontiac Solstice with High Performance Supreme window tint.
Pic of Chevy Avalanche with High Performance our Supreme tinted windows. This truck also has a billet grille
and custom airbrushed vinyl graphics installed by our experienced crew.
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Rear Window Graphics
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